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we are overwhelmed and say thank you for the encouragement and interest of our customers from various sectors, including industry, trade, healthcare and business. 
In order to further professionalize our services and to be able to offer you further profound information on the subject of disinfection, we are currently revising our website. 


The TREOX company is dedicated to a cleaner and better world. Therefore we have been working on hygiene and disinfection since 2011. We are a provider of new technologies and services in the fields of hygiene to protect people and vital resources. Already now, customers worldwide from different sectors such as food service, food processing, health care, industry, trade and hotel business choose products and services from TREOX. We are a young, innovative and fast growing company, but we can draw on more than 90 years of family experience.

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TREOX Industry GmbH
Brokeloher Straße 8-12
31628 Landesbergen

Phone: +49 05025 89230

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Use biocides safely. Read label & product info before use. July 17, 2020